Nokia 600 Silently Canceled

The Nokia 600 has been set as the loudest smartphone in the market with its 106 phone loudspeaker, built-in FM transmitter and FM radio. It was announced back in August with other unique smartphones as the Nokia 700 (the smallest smartphone) and the Nokia 701 (the brightest screen smartphone). Moreover, all these handsets must run Symbian Belle, which is an anticipated mobile operating system. Unfortunately, we have sad news for all consumers waiting for the Nokia 600; Nokia has axed its plans for the phone.

Nokia’s official announcement reads:
“After careful consideration we have decided not to ship the Nokia 600 to markets, we are constantly continuing to refine our portfolio to bring consumers the best possible range of devices to meet their diverse needs.”
This really sounds odd to me, because with Symbian Belle people have started changing their attitude towards Nokia. I’d even say they like whatever Nokia does, take the Nokia 600, 700 and 701. They were warmly welcomed. As for the Nokia 600, there were many people waiting for a powerful smartphone with such musical abilities, so Nokia definitely had serious reasons to cancel the phone.

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